Friday, 18 July 2008

Pledge to reduce knife crime

It seems that barely a day goes by without hearing about another victim of knife crime somewhere in the country. Something that we thought was a feature only of big cities affected our own community a couple of months ago when a young man lost his life after a fight involving knives in the centre of Rugby. For those who say something must be done a knife amnesty is taking place in Rugby now and people, particularly young people are signing a pledge on a wall outside the church where Kevin Wright died. I heard Mark Beech, Reverend of St Andrews speak about his plan for this at the Civic Service and told him how I supported his idea. I was pleased to add my pledge which is to do my best in whatever role I can to make a better future by supporting anything which will reduce this awful crime.

This is an issue we adressed in a survey of opinion we conducted in June, when we identified a great deal of support for Conservative proposals. These include increasing the dection of knives in peoples possession when they are out by increasing the numbers of police on the streets and a stronger deterrent by ensuring that those found in possesion are convicted. Firm law and order stuff, but the appoach which in the long run will make the difference we all want to see.