Sunday, 29 April 2007

Ageism hits the Rugby campaign

The local election in Rugby is hitting the big time with the leaflet put out by the Lib Dems in Dunchurch & Knightlow ward criticising the Conservative candidate because he is 21 years old making it on to the pages of no less a blog than Iain Dale’s diary HERE. This will certainly bring it to people’s attention as Iain’s readership numbers are huge. I have a special interest in this issue as the Dunchurch & Knightlow is the ward I have represented for five years and I know the candidate very well. Stuart Davenport helped me when I last stood four years ago and when he was seventeen. I saw then a capable and enthusiastic young man who has broadened his horizons since then and who will make an excellent councillor. This whole issue is ironic because the Lib Dems across the country have candidates the sane age as Stuart! I have no doubt that the Lib Dem’s publicity machine, which has always been something of a loose cannon in this ward, has once again mis-fired and Stuart will be elected, probably with a majority bigger than mine. The results on Friday morning will be very interesting.