Tuesday, 10 February 2009

England v Italy

I was offered some tickets for Saturday's match at Twickenham but turned them down as I was anxious to crack on with our doorstep survey which in the event was postponed. However, despite the win, I was happy not to be there and I thought Brian Moore, the former England player & commentator (& Labour supporter!) hit the nail on the head when during yet another quiet passage of play asked despairingly how much a ticket costs. The answer is around £60 to £70 and that is too much for a mediocre performance, lacking in passion against an Italian side selected with no hope of winning. I watched on TV and then saw a great game between Ireland & France where the Irish finally came out on top. With a visit to Cardiff next weekend it's pretty likely that I will be needing to avoid my Welsh friends over the next few weeks unless Jonno can weave some magic on the training ground over the next few days.