Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I learnt a lot about sewers yesterday evening and how an effective campaign can bring about change when I attended the AGM of Woodlands Residents Association. Woodlands in Bilton has suffered for many years from the obligations of local residents to maintain their unadopted sewer system. Over eight years, with support from both MPs in that period, they have fought to ensure that maintenance of privately constructed sewer systems is taken over by the water authority. Severn Trent Water, whose representative attended the meeting have now agreed to take on the liability from 2010 which will provide great comfort to many residents. Despite this good news, I learnt, however, that there is no British standard for the construction of new sewers on new developments. It seems that the problem is being created elsewhere and it is likely that other groups will have to get together in future to ensure that the same happens in their area and keep lobbying. The Residents Association in Woodlandsnow are the experts, and no doubt others will beat a path to their door to seek their advice. Great management of a meeting by the Chairman, as well. Constuctive comment, well prepared election of officers and all over within an hour. One or two organisations in Rugby could take note!