Friday, 3 August 2007

The Holiday Season

This is a big year for our family with significant birthdays for Tracy & myself, Victoria is 21 & Will 18, so it was always our plan to have a big holiday this year. We’re just about to leave for Australia. We’ve been looking forward to visiting somewhere we’ve never been before and everyone has been telling us what a fantastic time we will have. I’m not an IT genius, wont be taking a laptop with me & so wont be posting regularly on this blog in the time I am away. I will try to do so occasionally through an internet cafĂ© if I can get it to work, and will also check and respond to any e-mails sent to me when I can. With lots of speculation about a possible General Election in the autumn, I will make sure I keep up to date with current events, although any announcement, if there is one at all, isn’t likely to be made until October. Thankfully there is only the remotest chance I will need to get the first plane home!